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Favicon Generator

This free tool allows you to create a custom favicon for use on your website. Simply upload an image (JPG, PNG, or GIF – 100KB max) and it will automatically convert it to a standard 16×16 favicon. If you upload an image that is larger than 16×16 it will resize it for you, although for best results use an image that is already that size. Transparent favicons can also be created by uploading a transparent GIF. More »

Updated Apr 6th, 2007 | Topic: Tools and Utilities | 177 Comments »

BBCode to HTML Converter

This web-based utility converts BBCode to HTML. The most common use for a utility like this is to easily convert forum posts using BBCode to standard HTML for use in traditional web pages. This utility currently supports all of the BBCode tags used by phpBB and a list of these tags can be found below. Unlike some convertors, this will generate proper paragraph tags (instead of just using a lot of line breaks), and takes advantage of CSS declarations for font sizes, colors, and more (as opposed to their depreciated HTML tag counterparts). There are also several options available. More »

v1.0 - Updated Jan 17th, 2007 | Topic: Tools and Utilities | 125 Comments »

Windows XP and Vista Product Key Recovery

There are many programs available for extracting the product key from a Windows XP or Vista installation. The only problem is that they generally require the computer to be functional to run. These programs are useless if the operating system is corrupt and the computer will not boot into Windows. Fortunately, there are other options. This article explains how you can retrieve the product key with just the ntuser.dat file from the machine. More »

Updated Jun 3rd, 2006 | Topic: Tools and Utilities | 473 Comments »

Checking for GD support on your server

Several of the scripts and plugins on this site use the GD library to generate verification images. If you are having problems getting a generated image to display, the first step is to make sure your server has support for the GD library in PHP. This small script will tell you if your server supports GD, and if it does, it will list the specific components. For example, some versions of PHP/GD have problems generating PNG files. You can use this script to know if you need to change the script to generate a GIF instead, or if you just do not have support at all for GD. More »

Updated Apr 23rd, 2006 | Topic: PHP Scripts | 110 Comments »

How to install Palm Desktop on Windows XP 64

If you use the 64 bit version of Windows, and have a Palm handheld, you probably already know that Palm does not support this setup. Palm has no immediate plans to support the 64 bit version of Windows, and there are no drivers that will work for the devices. The good news is that you can still use your device by hotsyncing with WiFi or Bluetooth. The bad news is that you cannot install the Palm Desktop software. At least not without a simple work-around. More »

Updated Mar 14th, 2006 | Topic: Miscellaneous | 118 Comments »

Turning MP3 audiobooks into iPod audiobooks

The best feature of the iPod’s audiobook format is the ability to resume playback at a particular point even if you play something else or turn the iPod off. There are many online services where you can obtain audiobooks, but most of them are in MP3, which the iPod just treats as regular music. With a few steps, it is easy to convert MP3 files (or any other filetype that iTunes can play) into the native iPod audiobook format. There are a lot of different methods out there, but the following steps work nicely for me. More »

Updated Nov 9th, 2005 | Topic: Miscellaneous | 294 Comments »

Writing Secure PHP Scripts – Part 1

The most important element of any PHP script is security. In this article I will be discussing several methods of securing variables in PHP, with special regard to user input. While it is impossible to cover everything in a single article, my goal is to cover a range of topics, focusing on the most common security mistakes and how to fix them. This is aimed at those fairly new to PHP, but perhaps it will give others a few new ideas as well. More »

Updated Oct 17th, 2005 | Topic: Miscellaneous | 86 Comments »

How To Add Ringtones To The Samsung VGA1000 / SPH-A620

This article explains how to add ringtones to your Samsung VGA1000 / SPH-A620 phone without using the Vision service from Sprint. All it requires is some software (such as BitPim and GCDCreator), and the USB cable for your phone. More »

Updated Jun 7th, 2005 | Topic: Miscellaneous | 179 Comments »

Animated Gifs from DVDs

This article describes my method of creating animated gif images from DVD movies. This technique is perhaps most useful when coming up with new avatars and signatures for forums. While animated gifs are not really useful for much else, they can be fun to make since you can learn a lot of new things as you experiment in Photoshop. More »

Updated Jun 5th, 2005 | Topic: Miscellaneous | 153 Comments »

Hotlink Protection with .htaccess

If you host a website, you have most likely been the victim of hotlinking at one time or another. Hotlinking is when someone displays your images (or other media) on their website by directly linking to your server. This means they get to display your files while your bandwidth is being used. Luckily, it is easy to prevent with the help of the .htaccess file. This article will show some of the better methods to use to stop hotlinking while keeping your server running smoothly. More »

Updated Jun 4th, 2005 | Topic: Miscellaneous | 148 Comments »