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6/4/18 Notice regarding reCAPTCHA: Due to reCAPTCHA v1 no longer being supported, I have updated both the WordPress and non-WordPress versions of my formmailer script to support reCAPTCHA v2!
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Draft Notification Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin automatically emails the admin when a new draft is saved. The email contains the post’s title, the author, and a link. There is no options page currently, because there is really nothing to configure. The plugin now supports the new ‘pending’ status. More »

v1.22 - Updated Jul 1st, 2009 | Topic: WordPress Plugins and Mods | 253 Comments »

Add Signature Plugin for WordPress

This plugin lets you display a custom signature at the bottom of your posts. Simply type the text you want in the options page and configure it to display on every post, or manually display it by adding the trigger text wherever you like. You can also add in author information using the included variables – login name, first name, last name, nickname, email address, website, and description/bio. It get this information from the author’s account settings. It currently supports up to three different signature templates. More »

v1.32 - Updated Jul 1st, 2009 | Topic: WordPress Plugins and Mods | 489 Comments »

Secure Guestbook Script with Image Verification

This is the latest version of my secure PHP guestbook script. A lot of new features have been added since the last release including support for entry moderation, separate configuration and language files, improved code and session handling, and much more. The purpose of this script is to provide an easy to use, yet secure guestbook which features image verification to keep out spam bots as well as other security measures. It uses a flat-file storage method so that it will work for users without database access and contains many other features not found in most standard guestbook scripts. More »

v2.45 - Updated Jul 1st, 2009 | Topic: PHP Scripts | 1,173 Comments »

Scheduled Draft Publish Plugin for WordPress

This plugin uses the built-in scheduling feature of WordPress to periodically take a draft post and publish it. You can define the time between occurrences, and choose to have it publish the oldest draft each time, or a random draft. By default, it publishes drafts in any category, but you can define one, or multiple, categories for it to take the drafts from. You can also choose to only publish a draft if it has been more than a set number of hours since the last post More »

v1.31 - Updated Jun 7th, 2009 | Topic: WordPress Plugins and Mods | 156 Comments »

Stock Quotes Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin allows you to easily display stock quotes on your website. The output of the plugin is designed to be minimal – the stock symbol, last price, and change amount are shown. You can configure the output in the options page for the plugin. The data is retrieved from Yahoo finance. More »

v1.0 - Updated Mar 22nd, 2009 | Topic: WordPress Plugins and Mods | 137 Comments »

User Bio Popup plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin searches posts and pages for the nicknames of authors. When it finds one, it turns it into a link which brings up a popup window with the author’s bio and image. It uses the contents of the ‘About Yourself’ field in the user’s profile for the actual bio, and the image used depends on which of the two methods you select. The options page for this plugin allows you to configure the popup’s heading, width, height, and more. It also is fully customizable with the built-in CSS in the popup template file. More »

v2.4 - Updated Feb 22nd, 2009 | Topic: WordPress Plugins and Mods | 195 Comments »

This Day Plugin for WordPress

After every post, this plugin will list other posts on the same day from other years. Options include adjusting the number of posts to show, changing the sort order, the header text, hiding password protected posts, and more. More »

v1.4 - Updated Feb 22nd, 2009 | Topic: WordPress Plugins and Mods | 130 Comments »

Show the Intro to Password Protected Posts in WordPress

This is a small hack for WordPress that allows you to show the first part of password protected posts. It will display the content you have before the ‘more’ tag, followed by the standard password box. I wrote this up for a member of the WordPress forum, and I thought I would share it here. Update: Instructions are now provided for WordPress 2.2 More »

Updated Feb 22nd, 2009 | Topic: WordPress Hacks and Info | 181 Comments »

Change Default Thumbnail Size in WordPress

WordPress 2.5 and later include a built-in option to change the size of thumbnails, but for those of you out there using an older version, it is quiet easy to change. It just requires modification of one WordPress file. When WordPress 2.1 was released, it changed the way this was done, and once again with the release of WordPress 2.3, so I have included instructions below for multiple versions. More »

Updated Feb 22nd, 2009 | Topic: WordPress Hacks and Info | 182 Comments »

Retrieve Data Plugin for WordPress

This plugin provides a simple way to include the contents of data files into your posts or pages. The data files can be local to your server, or on remote servers (if your PHP configuration allows it). In the options page for the plugin, just define the trigger text and the file the data will be retrieved from. When that trigger text appears in a post or page, the contents of the specified data file will be shown. More »

v1.0 - Updated Feb 22nd, 2009 | Topic: WordPress Plugins and Mods | 100 Comments »