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Version 1.0   Updated Friday, February 20th, 2009 at 7:19pm

List Subpages Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin generates a list of subpages for the page being viewed. You can use this plugin by inserting the trigger text in your page (where you want the list to appear), or by calling the function directly from your template file. One key feature of this plugin is that it can used outside the loop, which means you can display a list of subpages of the current page in your header, sidebar, or anywhere else. There are also several options available. You can change the sort method, exclude pages, adjust the page depth, show the date, and more.


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  • Download the above file
  • Rename dd-list-subpages.txt from .txt to .php and upload it to your plugins directory
  • Activate the plugin from the WordPress admin panel
  • Configure the options under the admin panel: Options – DDListSubpages

Change Log

  • 04-06-07 Version 1.0 – First release.


To display the list of subpages on your page, just add the trigger text to your page:

<!-- ddlsp -->

(If you are using the visual editor in WordPress, you may have to temporarily disable it to add in the trigger text)

You can also call the function directly from a template file with the following command:

<?php echo ddlsp_generate(); ?>

If you use this method, it does not have to be in your loop, which means you can display the list of subpages anywhere you like in your theme.

Whichever method you use, just remember that it only generates the list when viewing an actual WordPress page which has subpages.


Here are the options available for this plugin under the WordPress admin panel. The options page also includes a ‘load defaults’ button.

Before List

This text is added before the list of pages.

After List

This text is added after the list of pages.

Sort Column

You can choose to sort the list by page title, menu order, page date, page modified date, page ID, page author, or page name (slug).

Sort Order

This lets you choose between an ascending or descending sort.

Excluded Items

This is a comma-separated list of page IDs you want to exclude from the list.

Included Items

This is a comma-separated list of page IDs you want to include. If you use this feature, only pages manually specified will be listed.

Page Depth

This is the depth of subpages that will be shown. The default is 1, and 0 means no limit.

Show Date

If enabled, the date will be shown after each page.

Date Format

If showing the date, this is the PHP date format that will be used.

List Title

This is an optional header for the list of pages.