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Version 1.92   Updated Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 at 6:18pm

Latest Post from each Category plugin for WordPress

This plugin displays a list of the latest post from each category of your WordPress installation. It can be added to a post or page, or used directly in a template file. In the plugin’s options page you can choose the sort order, show or hide the dates, select the date formatting, show the first X characters of the content, display a link to the comments, and show comment counts, as well as other options.


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  • Download the above file, rename it from .txt to .php, and upload it to your plugins directory.
  • Enable the plugin.
  • Configure the plugin options (under DDLatestFromEach).


There are two ways you can use this plugin.

1) In a post or page, insert the following line:

<!-- ddlastfromeach -->

2) In a template file, insert the following code:

<?php echo dd_last_from_each(); ?>

Change Log

  • 07-07-09 Version 1.92 – Slight change to the way the list is displayed.
  • 07-06-09 Version 1.91 – You can now choose how many posts per category to display.
  • 02-19-09 Version 1.9 – Added option to use only selected categories.
  • 08-14-08 Version 1.8 – Tested with WordPress 2.6. Now uses WordPress function for determining date/time to show up to date posts. Added option to exclude categories.
  • 09-27-07 Version 1.7 – Updated to support WordPress 2.3. Added ‘Load Default Options’ button.
  • 05-31-07 Version 1.6 – Better support for international date formatting
  • 05-16-07 Version 1.5 – Updated for WordPress 2.2
  • 02-20-07 Version 1.4 – Updated for WordPress 2.1 (new pages were showing up in the default category)
  • 08-09-06 Version 1.3 – Added options to show comment links and counts. Also added an optional limit to the number of links shown, and a few other fixes.
  • 06-03-06 Version 1.2 – Added an option to turn category names into links. A bug was also fixed where extra slashes were being shown in the header text.
  • 05-31-06 Version 1.1 – You can now choose the sort order of the output, hide password-protected posts, and show the first X characters of the content after each post. A few other fixes have been made as well.
  • 05-30-06 Version 1.0 – First release.


Here you can see the plugin in action:

Latest Post From Each Category


Here are the options available in this plugin’s options page in the WordPress admin panel.

Header text

This is shown above the list of posts.

Sort order

You can choose to have the data sorted by category or date. You also have the option of ascending or descending on both.

Show link to comments

When enabled, this will add a link to the comments for each post listed.

Include number of comments

This option only applies if Show link to comments is enabled. It adds the number of comments to the comment link.

Include link for posts with no comments

This option only applies if Show link to comments is enabled. It allows you to include or hide the comment link for posts with no comments.

Turn category names into links

Enabling this option will turn category names into links to the categories.

Hide password-protected posts

This prevents password-protected posts from showing up.

Show date after listed posts

This will show the post date after each post in the list.

Date format

If you are showing the date after posts, this will allow you to configure the date format (using the standard PHP date() format)

Show first X characters of posts

This allows you to show a preview of the content under each post in the list.

Number of characters to show

This lets you specify how many characters of the content will be shown, assuming you have the previous option enabled.

Limit list to X categories

This allows you to set a limit on the number of categories that will be shown in the list. Set to 0 for no limit.

Excluded category IDs

This is a comma-separated list of category ID’s you want excluded from the list.

Included category IDs

This is a comma-separated list of category ID’s you want to use in the list. This option only applies if you are not using the excluded category IDs option.

Max posts per category

If you would like to show more than one post per category, you can change the number here. To display all posts, use 0.