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Updated Saturday, April 16th, 2011 at 12:12pm

Free Text Host

The Free Text Host website is a new project by Dagon Design. The site allows visitors to host text without having to sign up or give any personal information. One possible usage for this is to host code snippets, but it can be used for just about anything really. Options include the ability to enter a password to allow you to edit or delete your text, and the choice to use preformatted text and make links clickable.

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  • 04-16-11 – Added 2 new features. You can now chose to have pages automatically delete after a set number of days, or after being viewed a specified number of times.
  • 02-23-10 – Fixed several bugs with BBCode such as font size, color, quotes, and more (make sure you enable the BBCode option).
  • 10-07-09 – Added a view count to the bottom of the pages.
  • 06-24-09 – Support for BBCode has been added. Just click the option to enable it for your page. A listing of the supported tags is given.
  • 08-12-08 – Added a ‘Viewing password’ option. If you set one, it is required for your text to be viewed.
  • 10-22-07 – Option added to make links clickable, and to enable/disable preformatted output. You can also now edit the text with the edit/delete password.
  • 10-20-07 – First public release


Just enter your text and the verification code (to help prevent spam) and you will be given a randomly generated URL that only you will know.

There is currently a 50000 character limit. I will see how this works before I raise it higher.


If you choose to use this option, you can enter an admin password when submitting your text. This password will allow you to make changes or delete your page. If you do not include an admin password, the page cannot be modified.

A viewing password can also be set, which if used, will require visitors to know the password to view your text.

The view limit is the number of times the page can be viewed before it automatically deletes. Leave blank to disable automatic deletion.

The day limit is the number of days that the page will remain active before it automatically deletes. Leave blank to disable automatic deletion.

Preformatted text can be selected, which means extra whitespace and linebreaks will appear exactly as you type them, and a fixed width font will be used.

Links in your text can be made clickable (turned into actual html links). These links will contain the nofollow attribute.

BBCode is also now supported (if the option is selected). A list of currently supported BBCode tags can be found here: http://freetexthost.com/bbcode.php


Privacy Information

Only one cookie is used on the site, and it is for the verification code. The only information it contains is the code itself, and it is used to help prevent spam.

This site does not use any Javascript or Flash, and it has no tracking or logging features.

Is my hosted text visible by others?

Only if you give them the URL, or they guess it. The URL contains a 10 digit random alphanumeric ID, which allows for up to 3656158440062976 unique IDs, so it would be hard to guess.

Can I print my text?

Yes. If you print your page, it will only print the text itself. Everything else will be removed from the page.

Can I edit/delete my text?

Yes. When you enter your text, you have an option for a password. If you enter one, you can use it to edit or delete your page later.

What if I lose my URL?

Then it is lost. This is by design.


While the generated pages are relatively private unless you give out the URL, Dagon Design cannot guarantee that no one will see your text by guessing the URL, etc.

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  1. Very nice tool

  2. I’d like to be able to return the random page name to the pool explicitly rather than leave it there for millions of years (or when this service ceases – whichever is sooner! )

    re:”Option to make pages auto-delete after a given period of time”
    Unless you make this period really short (1month) by default and impose some modest upper limit(3years say) for an explicit user setting, the feature might feel too transient or become populated mostly with never visited pages (no click-revenue)

  3. Update
    There is now an option for a ‘viewing password’. If you set one, visitors will have to enter it to view your text.

  4. 12

    Awesome work… but… please raise the character limit higher!

  5. 11

    Ok, this is a very nice programm, with nice protection feature do edit it, but it would be also interesting to have a passwort before you can read the message, because in lots of browers the Link is Yet available in the cache and if an other person uses the PC he can easily get the link and read the message afterwards. ok this would be a good idea to protect the messages with a password in the beginning, before someone reads it.

  6. How would I use this in conjunction with an ecommerce site plus an article site and a blog site? As a very low level tech person, I do not understand how I can use this tool and what benefits would be available?

  7. 9

    Very nice tool!!


    maybe option to put email adress and get the page link sent (to us and/or others) it could be a nice feature too.

    Keep up :)

  8. Very Nice to use it. I like password protected function too. Nicely done. Thanks alot for this little program.


  9. Very cool idea.

    I’d love to snag a copy of this script when it’s available, that’s for sure!

    Awesome work, man!

  10. awesome. good idea, nicely done.

  11. I love it. Simple and easy to use.

  12. 4

    It’s very minimalistic and useful too. Awesome.

  13. 3

    I love it. Thank you/

  14. 2

    Fantastic, wonderful, exactly what we are looking for. Any word on a final download/purchase?

  15. This is a good idea. I like the password protected editting too.

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