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Version 1.33   Updated Monday, July 6th, 2009 at 6:18pm

Drop-Down Post List Plugin for WordPress

This plugin allows you to easily display drop-down boxes containing the posts for specified categories (or all categories). You can use this plugin by entering the trigger text in a post or page, or by adding the function call directly to your theme files. You can display as many drop-down boxes as you like, and you have a choice between a standard select box (with button), or a ‘jump menu’ (as the visitor clicks on a post, they will immediately be taken to that page without having to click a button). Other options are also available.


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This is a generated drop-down post list, listing the posts of a particular category:

Topic: WordPress Plugins and Mods


  • Download the above file, rename it from .txt to .php, and upload it to your plugins directory
  • Enable the plugin
  • Configure the plugin under the DDPostList options page


There are two ways you can use this plugin.

Note: In both examples below, replace # with the category ID you want to list posts from, or use the word all to display posts from all categories.

1) In a post or page:

<!-- ddpl # -->
<!-- ddpl all -->

2) In a template file::

<?php echo ddpl_list(#); ?>
<?php echo ddpl_list('all'); ?>

Change Log

  • 07-09-09 Version 1.33 – Added method to display posts from all categories. Changed the way the WP version was being detected for calls to the database.
  • 02-17-09 Version 1.32 – Small change to produce valid xhtml when using more than one drop-down on a page
  • 08-12-08 Version 1.31 – Small change to produce valid xhtml
  • 09-27-07 Version 1.3 – Updated to work with WordPress 2.3. Added ‘Load Default Options’ button
  • 08-01-07 Version 1.2 – Option added to specify default option in list
  • 07-29-07 Version 1.1 – More options added
  • 07-28-07 Version 1.0 – First release


The code this plugin generates is fairly plain (no special formatting), but to make customization easy, the form has been assigned a CSS class: ddpl-form

For example, if you would like to set the width of the select field, add this code to your theme’s style sheet:

form.ddpl-form select { width: 200px; }


Here are the current options available (found under the DDPostList options page)

Form Type – You can choose to have the plugin generate a ‘jump menu’, or a traditional list with a submit button

Default Option – If entered, this is the first option that will show up in the list (does not link to anything)

Button Text – If using a traditional list, this is the button text

Sorting Method – You can choose to sort by post date (ascending or descending), or post title

Post Limit – This allows you to define a limit for the number of posts in the list (0 for no limit)

Add Before Form – Code added here will be displayed before the generated form

Add After Form – Code added here will be displayed after the generated form

Add Before List – Code added here will be displayed before the list

Add After List – Code added here will be displayed after the list

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