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Updated Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 at 2:14pm

CSS Color Replacement Tool

This tool allows you to extract the hex color codes from a remote CSS file, displaying both the hex codes and the colors themselves. You can then enter the new color codes you would like to replace them with. The script will then perform a global search and replace on the contents of the file, replacing each color with the code you specified, and displaying the updated CSS. The jscolor JavaScript Color Picker script has now been implemented to make choosing colors easier.


The primary purpose of this tool is to give you a quick way to change the entire color scheme of your site. While this can be done manually, the display of each color saves a lot of steps.

Try it out

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  • 02-23-10 Now features the jscolor script to choose new colors easier
  • 08-27-08 First version


First, enter the URL to your CSS file and click Load data.

The script will extract all of the hex color codes from the CSS file, and display them in a list. Each line contains the color code, a box filled with the specified color, and an entry for the new color. Only unique colors are displayed.

With the help of the jscolor JavaScript Color Picker script, choosing new colors is even easier. Either click the box to choose your color, or manually type in the code.

When you are finished, just click Generate new CSS. The script will generate the full CSS file, with the replaced colors.

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  2. While this can be done manually, the display of each color saves a lot of steps.

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  8. While this can be done manually, the display of each color saves a lot of steps.

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