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Version 3.1   Updated Thursday, September 27th, 2007 at 8:20pm

Color Select Tool

The Color Select Tool is a small utility that allows you to quickly copy the hex code of a color on your screen. I originally created this program because I was tired of having to take a screenshot and open photoshop just to capture a color, and I was not happy with similar programs. Simply run the program, move the mouse to the color you want to capture, and press the shift key. The hex color code will then be copied to your clipboard. You can also choose to have it add the # symbol in front of the code, and/or have it stay on top of other windows.


This program has been tested in Windows XP, XP 64, and Vista. It may work in previous Windows versions as well. If you receive any messages about VB runtime DLLs being required, these can easily be found on the internet.


The previous version of this program (2.0) required the .NET framework to be installed. The current version no longer requires this.

While I have tested this release, there may still be bugs, so if you encounter a problem please leave a comment below.


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  • 09-27-07 Version 3.1 – Bug fixed with color code generation.
  • 09-23-07 Version 3.0 – Re-written. New instructions below.
  • 10-19-05 Version 2.0 – First public release.


No installation is needed. Just extract the executable from the ZIP file and run it.


Color Select Tool

To use the program, just move the mouse to the color on your screen that you want to capture and press the SHIFT key. The color will automatically be added to your clipboard.

If you would like the # symbol to be added in front of the color code, just check the ‘add #‘ checkbox, or press the A key on your keyboard.

To force the program to stay on top of other windows, check the ‘stay on top‘ checkbox, or press the T key.

Note: In order for the hotkeys (SHIFT, A, T) to work, the program has to have focus. This means it needs to be the currently active program. If the hotkeys do not work, just click on the title bar of the program to set it active.

If you minimize the program, it goes to the system tray. You can click on the system tray icon to show/hide the program, or right click to exit.

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  3. The he good news is that this version no longer requires the .Net framework :D

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