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Version 1.0   Updated Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 at 2:14pm

BBCode to HTML Converter

This web-based utility converts BBCode to HTML. The most common use for a utility like this is to easily convert forum posts using BBCode to standard HTML for use in traditional web pages. This utility currently supports all of the BBCode tags used by phpBB and a list of these tags can be found below. Unlike some convertors, this will generate proper paragraph tags (instead of just using a lot of line breaks), and takes advantage of CSS declarations for font sizes, colors, and more (as opposed to their depreciated HTML tag counterparts). There are also several options available.

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  • 07-01-09 – Added support for the [center] [/center] tags
  • 01-17-07 – Added several new tags. The converter is also now on its own domain – bbcode-to-html.com
  • 06-16-06 – First version.

Supported BBCode tags

You can now find a complete list of the supported tags on the site linked above.


The HTML generated by this utility should be 100% valid, with one exception – the use of lists.

This converter generates lists the same way that phpBB does – without using closing li tags. It will actually validate as HTML, but not as XHTML. Even though it is technically legal with standard HTML, it is still kind of lazy to do. Actually I have not ever seen a BBCode parser in any forum script that does it the ‘right’ way.

This converter also supports multi-level lists, but you cannot have one type of list inside another type of list. Ordered in ordered is ok, but not ordered in unordered, etc. Coincidentally, this problem is also found within phpBB 😉