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Archive: February, 2009

WordPress Hook for Entire Page Using Output Buffering

The WordPress plugin API provides a large number of action and filter hooks to make plugin creation easier. While the provided hooks cover just about everything you would need for plugin development, it can occasionally be useful to have a hook that can process the entire html output of WordPress. This article describes a method that can be used to create a ‘virtual’ hook which allows processing of everything between the end of the header section, and the footer of the theme, using the output buffering feature of PHP. More »

Updated Feb 19th, 2009 | Topic: WordPress Hacks and Info | 71 Comments »

Archives by Selected Categories Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin allows you to generate a list of posts separated by category. You can choose to display all categories, or just those you select. You can also exclude categories. Under each category heading, the posts are sorted by date, with the most recent first. Additionally, the date for each post is shown next to the link. This plugin is really just a simplified version of my sitemap generator plugin, for those who just need something basic. More »

v1.2 - Updated Feb 17th, 2009 | Topic: WordPress Plugins and Mods | 78 Comments »