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Archive: June, 2005

How To Add Ringtones To The Samsung VGA1000 / SPH-A620

This article explains how to add ringtones to your Samsung VGA1000 / SPH-A620 phone without using the Vision service from Sprint. All it requires is some software (such as BitPim and GCDCreator), and the USB cable for your phone. More »

Updated Jun 7th, 2005 | Topic: Miscellaneous | 179 Comments »

Animated Gifs from DVDs

This article describes my method of creating animated gif images from DVD movies. This technique is perhaps most useful when coming up with new avatars and signatures for forums. While animated gifs are not really useful for much else, they can be fun to make since you can learn a lot of new things as you experiment in Photoshop. More »

Updated Jun 5th, 2005 | Topic: Miscellaneous | 153 Comments »

Hotlink Protection with .htaccess

If you host a website, you have most likely been the victim of hotlinking at one time or another. Hotlinking is when someone displays your images (or other media) on their website by directly linking to your server. This means they get to display your files while your bandwidth is being used. Luckily, it is easy to prevent with the help of the .htaccess file. This article will show some of the better methods to use to stop hotlinking while keeping your server running smoothly. More »

Updated Jun 4th, 2005 | Topic: Miscellaneous | 148 Comments »

Introduction to .htaccess

The .htaccess file is simply a text file containing directives (configuration settings) for the Apache web server. It allows you to control the behavior of your server and has an incredible number of uses. Many of the tutorials on this site involve the use of the .htaccess file and this article will give a bit more information for those of you who have no previous experience with it. More »

Updated Jun 4th, 2005 | Topic: Miscellaneous | 91 Comments »

Custom Error Pages

Custom error pages are often overlooked when designing a website simply because many people do not understand how important they can be. A standard error page gives the proper information of course, but a nice custom error page can do so much more. More »

Updated Jun 4th, 2005 | Topic: Miscellaneous | 88 Comments »