Welcome to Dagon Design. In addition to free scripts, WordPress plugins, and articles, we offer a variety of services including custom theme design, plugin creation, and PHP scripting. Contact me for more information.


Dagon Design was originally created as a place for me to test out new layout ideas and work on various web projects. It has since become home to my collection of scripts, plugins, tools, and articles.

The scripts and plugins on this site are completely free. If you use any of them, all I ask is that you do not remove the credits, or try to distribute them as your own. I do spend a good deal of time working on them, and keeping them updated, so if you do find something here useful, donations are always appreciated!

For those of you who need custom work done, I offer a wide range of services including everything from modification of existing scripts, to completely new scripts, plugins, themes, layouts, and much more. Please see my services page for more information.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay. I hope that you find the information on this site useful.